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University of Texas Website Redesign

The University of Texas is one of the top-ranked institutions in the world. Yet in 2012, its web presence didn’t align with its state-of-the-art reputation.

UT’s students and faculty weren’t utilizing their website as a beneficial or necessary resource. It wasn’t responsively designed for mobile traffic and contained outdated content and dozens of underused links. What they needed was a robust digital and web strategy. So we stepped in to create one.

Letting Data Pave the Way to Accessibility

After combing through one million-plus pages of the enterprise-class site, we carved out user paths for the University’s diverse audience. From there, we moved into a modular design process, streamlining navigation and enhancing search functionality. We used data to validate each decision after implementation.

Web-friendly Brand Identity

To better showcase the brand in this new, digital space, we updated its visual style and created templates that individual colleges and units could deploy for their own sites. This gave them flexibility to make enhancements as needed and promoted a consistent, predictable front-end experience for all.


Client Quote

"Springbox did a great job — we benefited from sophisticated analytics support that helped us achieve outcomes such as greater engagement, more click-throughs, higher traffic levels and a higher percentage of mobile traffic on our site."

Geoff Leavenworth
Former Chief Communications Officer
The University of Texas at Austin



Since the website went live, UT's internal team has redesigned the homepage. However, the look and feel and other page templates are still the same. Visit Website



The Daily Texan has published an article UT's partnership with Springbox and the process behind the redesign. Check it out

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