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Photography has been a life-long passion of mine. These are some of my favorite travels, stories and some absolutely wonderful personalities I’ve got to capture. Wanna shoot together? Me too. Send me a note!

(Oh, so) Grand Tetons

During our trip to Wyoming we decided to drive to Jackson for a short one night stay. I’ve always wanted to visit the Grand Teton National Park and I took that as an opportunity to plan our visit minute by minute so that we could pack absolutely everything e could in those two days. Both my parents and our little dog, Phoebe came with Ray and I, so most of the things we did were scenic drives vs. hiking, but it was just amazing. The Grand Tetons were even “grander” (is that a word?) then I thought.

We did the Jenny Lake Loop as well as the Moose-Wilson Road Loop. We did get to see some amazing wildlife including a bear, moose, bison and pronghorns. Jenny Lake was probably one of the most beautiful mountain lakes I’ve seen. The color of the water was to die for. Overall it was a wonderful visit and all I wish is that I had a bit more time. But I’m coming back soon… for sure.