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Photography has been a life-long passion of mine. These are some of my favorite travels, stories and some absolutely wonderful personalities I’ve got to capture. Wanna shoot together? Me too. Send me a note!

A Holistic Healing Master


I’ve always been a huge believer of holistic medicine. Needless to say, I was so happy to have the opportunity to not only help create content for a wonderful local brand, but also to hear the story behind it and to learn all about the process of making these amazing natural remedies.

Sara — the incredible mind behind the awesomeness — and I met for our planning session over coffee (of course), where she told me everything about her business: Buona Sara. Her mission is to give people access to natural remedies made in a spiritually-minded manner to improve health and decrease reliance on harsh, chemical-laden alternatives. Does is get any better? Yes, it does. She makes it all happen in her beautiful home.

After getting to know her and learning about her business, products and life, we planned a shoot that would highlight her products, the process of making them as well as the face behind them.

My goal was to make sure Sara was comfortable in front of the camera and to come up with a beautiful photo library that helps share her story and sell her products on social media. The result is a series of beautiful shots that show her home, in which the prepares all her products, her garden, where she grows most of her herbal ingredients, her powerful holistic products, and her inspiring passion, which makes all of this possible.